Jessica Gasca

It was my first harvest —interning in 2009—when my heart first fell in love. Picking Pinot Noir at the Santa Maria Gold Coast Vineyard before the sun came up. My fingers were freezing and for hours we picked and sorted. I listened closely that morning to the theories behind the growth and life of the vine. Being that connected to the earth was inspiring. 

Then, for three and a half years (2010-2013), I apprenticed at Sanguis, where I gained much more wine knowledge. Every decision and action, no matter how small they seemed, were of extreme importance to the outcome of the wine. The harvesting of grapes, all parts of the fermentation process (wether technical or artful), stirring of the lees, topping, racking…heck, even the stacking and lining up of barrels became a meditation of sorts. (Yes, by the way, this girl can operate a fork-lift.) And although times like re-coiling the hose over and over again might have seemed silly, it helped train me. I learned intention. My time there helped me grow an understanding and appreciation for meticulous dedication to detail and style. 

It was at Sanguis where I saved my pennies to journey out and buy my own fruit.  In 2012, while working there, I made my first vintage and began learning on a deeper level. That path of my wine-making adventure was just starting.  

Today, utilizing what I was taught, it is my goal to continue working with remarkable vineyards. In discovering their nuances I hope to help guide each varietal to make a wine that will show a sense of place and style.

And of course to always keep learning. Growing. Discovering. 

Thank you for joining me in this journey…

Jessica Gasca