Welcome to WiVi Central Coast:
Discover What’s New in Wine and Viticulture

Elevate Your Wine and Viticulture Expertise

Discover the heart of California’s Central Coast wine and viticulture scene at WiVi Central Coast – the unrivaled symposium and trade show that has evolved into the largest wine industry event south of San Francisco. Immerse yourself in an expansive 45,000 sq. ft. exhibit space adorned with over 200 exhibits showcasing cutting-edge products, dynamic product demonstrations, and a wealth of educational seminars. WiVi is not just an event; it’s an unparalleled opportunity for winemakers, grape growers, winery owners, and managers to cultivate success.

Why Attend WiVi Central Coast?

Unique Networking Opportunities: Connect with industry pioneers, forge meaningful connections, and establish partnerships that could shape the future of your business. WiVi is a melting pot of visionaries and professionals who share your passion for wine and viticulture. Between Bottle Bash, the BBQ luncheon, and the Exhibit Hall, the opportunities to form new connections are endless.

Explore New Trends and Technology: Stay ahead of the curve with exclusive insights into the latest trends and technological advancements in viticulture, enology, and direct-to-consumer (DTC) strategies. WiVi is your gateway to understanding and experiencing the forefront of industry innovation.

Educational Seminars by Top Industry Leaders: This year’s agenda is a captivating blend of insights, innovations, and industry trends. The General Session sets the stage by spotlighting the Central Coast as a thriving hub, exploring trends, investments, and wellness. Dive deep into viticulture and winemaking sessions, overcoming filtration challenges, optimizing wine club experiences, and assessing the ROI of organic farming. Navigate the evolving landscape of dtc and marketing with strategies to connect with consumers in 2024. Conclude the day with a fascinating exploration of timeless winemaking techniques, from carbonic maceration to petillant naturel.

Product Demonstrations: Exhibitors at WiVi Central Coast often showcase cutting-edge wine-making equipment, providing attendees with a glimpse into the latest technologies and innovations in the industry. Some examples of new winemaking equipment that exhibitors feature:

• Smart Fermentation Tanks
• Automated Sorting Systems
• Winery Management Software
• Precision Viticulture Tools
• Alternative Maturation Vessels
• Micro-Oxygenation Systems
• Sustainable Packaging Solutions
• Wine Analysis Equipment
• Gravity Flow Systems
• Reverse Osmosis Machines

Who Attends WiVi Central Coast?

Winemakers: From seasoned professionals to aspiring vintners, discover a community dedicated to perfecting the art and science of winemaking.
Grape Growers: Learn from the best in the business and explore innovations that can transform your vineyard into a flourishing haven for premium grapes.
Winery Owners: Navigate the evolving landscape of the wine industry, explore growth opportunities, and connect with like-minded entrepreneurs.
Managers: Whether overseeing operations in the vineyard or the winery, WiVi offers valuable insights and resources to enhance managerial skills and decision-making.